TriDef 3D for your PC

3D for your PC

TriDef® 3D brings 3D to your PC and unlocks the world of 3D content and gaming.

Only everything in 3D

Watch all your content in 3D, as TriDef 3D automatically converts DVDs, PC video and photo files to 3D. You can play back originally made 3D content encoded in a variety of popular 3D formats – top/bottom, 2D plus depth and side by side.

Play hundreds of the latest Direct X 9, 10 and 11 PC games, converted to 3D automatically.

Available in 37 languages, TriDef 3D is bundled by leading manufacturers with notebook PCs, all-in-one PCs and PC monitors. It is compatible with the latest Microsoft operating systems and most types of 3D display, including passive polarized, active shutter and glasses-free. Also compatible with Intel’s second gen core 3D, AMD’s Radeon HD 3D and Nvidia’s 3D Vision processors.

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